[Teralogos News] Music Group Seeks WTO Protection

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Thu, 10 Apr 2003 15:09:02 -0500

Music Group Seeks WTO Protection

SILAS DUNCAN STATION, Ceres/Teralogos April 10, 2101

The Lords of the Belt, a popular Duncanite musical group, has filed an official complaint with the World Trade Organization, seeking its protection against the ongoing piracy of its work in progress. A copy of a new song, "Biometal Lullaby," appeared late last month on the new music channel of the Transpacific Socialist Alliance information web. It is unknown at this time how many Lords of the Belt fans have illegally copied and listened to the song.

"I'm burnt and cored, and I want to tox the downlift or elf who dooped our song," said Lords of the Belt lead singer, Parallax Verge, apparently expressing anger over the theft of the piece. A preliminary search of the employees of 0G33 Studios, where the band was recording their latest songs, indicated no connections to the TSA. Unlike most current musical groups, the Lords of the Belt continue to record and perform in person.

"Gordo is asymp over this," continued Mr. Verge, referring to Gordon 25, the band's songwriter. Gordon 25 is well-known for his regular attempts at self-modification. "We're on track to purge and refit again this cycle. That'll toss all of the new songs downwell, and we'll have to start over."

The WTO spokesbot released the standard response, pending further examination of the band's claims. "The World Trade Organization stands shoulder-to-shoulder with all content manufacturers and disseminators in opposition to intellectual property theft. We will do the utmost to assure a satisfactory result." It is believed that, if the band's complaint is accepted, it will be added to the WTO's ongoing lawsuit against the TSA.

Reports that the band had initially tried to hire the private security company Kinetic Logic to track down the violators could not be confirmed. Among Duncanites, private security firms are often the only law there is, but these agencies have little influence beyond the Main Belt and Trojans.

Nanosocialists who frequent the TSA music channel claim that the lawsuit by Lords of the Belt is motivated by spite, as the majority of comments left by downloaders about the song have been highly critical.

- filed by Jamais Cascio