[gurps] World Mapping

Daniel Boese dboese at becon.org
Thu Nov 27 01:12:49 CST 2003

 First In has some excellent suggestions describing how to go about
filling up those familiar d20-shaped maps of planets - temperature ranges
for each hex-row, for example, and how much and where to put each type of
land terrain hex (Icy/Barren, Tundra, Mountain, Hills/Rough, Desert,
Jungle, Mixed, Urban).

 However, there's one thing that it doesn't cover in quite enough detail
for my satisfaction... and that's exactly where to /put/ those land hexes.
All it says is that if there's more land than water, to put 90% of the
water hexes in 1d6 large bodies, with the rest scattered as small seas, no
more than a few hexes each. (And the exact same distribution for
continents and islands, if there's more water than land.) Which is a good

 But - where should they actually go? Distribution, shape, etc? And what
if you've got a hydrographic coverage of 50%? (My Rattenkoenig homeworld
has just over 48%...)

Thank you for your time,
Daniel Boese

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